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Discover Why Agevix Consistently Earns Statewide Referrals

Agevix clientele includes your friends and family living with disabling conditions including traumatic or acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, and amputation.

Featured Benefits of Agevix Expertise for Injury Survivors:

  • Independence
  • Health Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Athletic Performance

Choice of Training Location:

  • In-home
  • Health Club
  • Private Training Studio

Referrals Available from:

  • Health Care Workers
  • Case Workers
  • Guardians
  • Injury Survivors

Recent Praise for Agevix:

“If my husband did not receive Agevix services, his mobility would absolutely be more limited. As a result, his life would be much lower quality than what it is today.””

--Guardian of spouse receiving Agevix Professional Network services since 2008


“My work with Agevix affirms my belief that persons with physical challenges will go beyond what others may expect of them. I’m consistently impressed by what clients and their families will do to improve and maintain health benchmarks, even when the physical challenges due to injury are so severe. Clients, their guardians and families are also focused on parameters set by Agevix as part of their routine, and this clearly affects their family relationships in such a positive way. I’m very proud to be a  part of the Agevix Professional Network.”

--Sue Cole, BS, CPT, Certified Traverse City independent contractor with over 25 years of experience in the industry


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Meet Co-founder Wendy Nienhouse

Agevix Business Development Manager

"Since receiving my bachelor's degree in 1988, I've worked in the business development and public relations fields. For decades of my life, I've also maintained instructor and personal trainer fitness certifications. With my work in these industries and awareness of needs of the injured, it was a natural fit for me to join Todd in his efforts to provide a necessary health service to a very special population of folks.

I'm grateful for the appreciation of my professional and non-profit work in Northern Michigan, and leadership roles on several boards and committees consistently provide me the opportunity to give back to our community. By working as a fill-in producer on the air with Northern Michigan's most popular talk radio station, WTCM NewsTalk 580 AM, I'm grateful to Midwestern Broadcasting to be able to directly stay in touch with trends and circumstances that affect Michigan citizens. What inspires me? As the mother of two daughters, I'm most motivated by my commitment to family.

Annually over 9,000 Michigan families face& extreme challenges due to a life-changing, traumatic brain injury within their household. After an unexpected accident resulting in brain injury occurs, each family's lifestyle is suddenly and forever changed. I'm privileged to be a part of a reputable professional network that makes the lives of the injured and their families more hopeful, comfortable and fulfilling."

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